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    Kamis, 08 Desember 2011

    Download Portable Software Opera For Windows

    Download Portable Software Opera For Windows:

    This the opera web browsers is been repacked, you can run the opera by OPERA PORTABLE .
    • Easy to INSTALL
    • NO need of giving rights like administrative …
    • Downloading size is about 5 MB.
    • You get the same features which get in installable version …
    • This also includes ver.9 flash with it. A
    • Free to use

    Download :Opera Portable Personal 9.27 (English, other languages see below)
    It can manage multiple profiles at once eg, in office, school, home, internet cafe, etc you can have different profiles for each of them. The profile file will contain all the settings you made while running.

    So, your settings, history, wand passwords, etc are packed into a single file, then they are overwritten and deleted on the host machine (so you leave no trace).

    When you run Opera Portable on another machine, your settings will be applied again. This is suitable for usage in USB/flash disks and other writable media, or even on your harddisk!

    Update (2008-4-12): The newest version, 9.27, has been released! Users of Opera Portable Builder should be able to update the version by changing the last part of the download URL to 20080412.

    Features of using the software are :-

    • No registry entries are created or modified
      No effect to existing installed browsers, either IE, Firefox or Opera
      No trace left after exiting - files are overwritten, not just deleted
      Doesn't make your USB drive tired - all code and data are stored in a temporary place on host computer
      Create multiple profiles for different places
      Easy to distribute and use, not limited to USB sticks or CDs