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    Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

    Features in Android 4.0

    Features in Android 4.0:

    an operating system (OS) is well known today, and I think the android OS
    will continually increase the features and applications that draw even its speed
    and stability in its use. even the android operating system you can both use on
    your PC or your computer, as I lewan technology update (www.kekeran.com) had
    already made
    ​​an article how to install Android OS on a PC ..

    I will
    give further details of the latest
    android 4.0 feature

    Home screen

    like tambel, Honeycomb style. But unlike Honeycomb on the tablet, you can
    resize the widget according to your selesa, making users more comfortable.

    icons can be dragged into folders, ala IOS. But Ice Cream Sandwich superior to
    the iPhone by letting you place a contact person (or at least a speed dial
    shortcut) into the folder as well, and even put people in the 'favorites'.


    already has a notification system better than others. Now, you also get a peek
    notification even though the phone screen in the locked state.


    is a new keyboard, with the inline spell check. Also for the benefit cut, copy,
    paste, making it easier for the input.


    we can not share a screenshot of the Android simple, as easy on the IOS device.
    Well, now Android has the ability to exactly the same screenshot, with a cute
    little Polaroid animation to highlight the action.


    of a horizontal tab, new browser page holds 16 tabs open, stacked vertically,
    that you can flip through, with a live preview. If the tablet device you have
    to press-hold to ask for the desktop version of a web site, with this version
    you easily get the link "full version".


    applications look better. You can select multiple emails at once to speed up
    archiving. You can also flip through your email horizontally, to read faster,
    and even search up to 30 days to back, without being connected to the network.

    addresses are now associated with people, so you get a lot of options. You can
    even choose to use the communications media - perhaps not the email, but also
    IM or Twitter account.


    you to flip through the date easier. Agenda can be zoom in to see activity for
    a month at a glance.

    Mobile data

    As on
    the iPhone, now you can turn off your mobile data to avoid unwanted fees from
    your wireless carrier. You can view your monthly usage graph, and
    bahkanmengendalikan spikes in your usage, and see exactly which applications
    are causing the problem. Then you can restrict the use of application data.
    This control is pretty awesome.

    Photos and videos

    new cameras on mobile phones Nexus Galaxy have zero shutter lag, and supports
    1080p video, time-lapse video photography, and other options. But beyond that,
    all the Ice Cream Sandwich will let you share your photos directly from the
    camera, and view all your images are not only organized by time but by the
    location or even people.

    like the iPhone, you can do some basic editing on the camera.