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conixbux owned by a scammer
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I believe is owned by a serial scammer admin from Russia, responsible for other scam sites including,,,,, and These sites are no longer paying, all of them are scams. If you want to learn more about this admin and his scam sites, you can read our review about his scam network and the review of GuaranteedPTC. On each site the admin is using different name in his welcome message, for instance he is Donald Hines and Gerhard Hubert on Startclix, Alex Ferra on Safeclix, Danial M Eldridge on Wealthbux, Mark Delbox on Potentbux, Christopher Noverto on WorthClikz, Ronald on Paymentarea and Sergey on GuaranteedPTC, but in order to look like a different person he needs to change his writing style and improve his grammar. In fact this is a single person who is repeatedly using the same phrases in his welcome messages and repeatedly making the same grammar mistakes. He introduced himself as Andrew Aperama from New Zealand in his welcome message posted on the Conixbux forum. Think about it, if he was from New Zealand, a native English speaker, he wouldn’t have such a poor English. Again he is impersonating someone else. Below you can see screenshots in which I have highlighted some key words and phrases used by this person. I have no doubts, ConixBux is owned by this scammer admin. I am familiar with his writing style from the time when I was reviewing the other sites from his scam network, and just by analyzing the welcome message posted on the forum I can say it is him.
Conixbux welcome message similar to the welcome messages on other scam sites
This admin didn’t learn yet when to use “them” and when to use “their”.
The admin repeatedly and wrongfully using them instead of their
Another similarity between Conixbux and the other sites from the same admin is that the self-sponsored advertisements are displayed without referral links. Wonder why? Well probably he used his referral links on his previous scam sites and he doesn’t want someone to find out the connection. Why would an admin promote other PTC sites without referral links? He is not interested in building his downlines on other sites. He is just after your money and he will scam you within a month or two. Soon he will offer you some “lucrative” deals and promotions that you “can’t miss” and shortly after he will scam you.
I would not recommend any new site from owner with history of running scam sites, therefore Conixbux will be placed on the Sites to Avoid list. It is just another scam in the making from this admin, therefore you should keep away from Conixbux.


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